Why Support WHOI?

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is a world leader in ocean science because its people share a common set of goals: to interpret the past and understand the present; to invent the technology that enables exploration of the unknown; to inform ocean policy and encourage conservation; to take science to application; and to educate for the future.

Private philanthropy has paved the way for discovery since our founding in 1930. Gifts to WHOI make it possible for our scientists, engineers, and students to: 

  • Undertake innovative studies of ocean pollution and its impacts on marine life and society
  • Develop new commercial, pharmaceutical and energy resources from the sea
  • Study fisheries, ocean ecosystems and endangered species
  • Create and implement new technologies that can facilitate ocean exploration
  • Collect and analyze crucial baseline data related to natural disasters and understand the role of the ocean in climate change

That entrepreneurial spirit lives on today, thanks to the investment our donors continue to make in WHOI. Private support provides the seed money for high-risk, high-reward projects. Every gift aids scientific discovery by allowing our talented researchers to find creative solutions to the world's most difficult problems. Every gift also has the potential to leverage exponentially greater federal support.


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Project managers who do not reach their crowdfunding goal within the time allotted by their campaign will still receive the funds raised, but will be required to devote the funds to a similar purpose within their WHOI lab or department. Funds not used within one year of the campaign end date will be transferred to an Institution general operating account and the project manager's crowdfunding account will be closed.

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